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Updating Apple ICloud settings

How to set up Outlook 2010/2013
How to set up Outlook 2007
How to set up Outlook 2003
How to set up Outlook for Mac
How to set up Apple Mail
How to set up Mozilla Thunderbird
How to set up Windows Live Mail

Important Notice: If you use email clients such as Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird  with a very large number of email in your inbox it can take a long time to Synchronize your mailbox using POP or IMAP.  As you configure your email client, it may appear frozen during the downloading of your messages. This process may take multiple hours or days depending on the number of email in your account.

If you do not regularly delete old messages and instead keep your read messages in your inbox, the system will take a while to process all of your messages.  We recommend that you start the process late in the evening and let it run overnight.

How to set up mobile devices:




Windows Phone:

How to Clear your Browser’s Cache


Webmail Portal System Requirements

The portal is designed to be flexible and cross-platform without compromising functionality.

Check the memory requirements for the operating system used; in general, 4GB or more is recommend for 64-bit operating systems. For Mac users, OS 10.5.x, Leopard, was the last operating system available in 32-bit. Like with any web application, Internet connection speed will greatly affect overall performance. The ability to download documents from a portal and upload documents to a portal is directly related to the Internet connection speed the computer is operating under.

For Web Folders (e.g. HyperDrive), 5Mbps U/L and and D/L is the minimum requirement.

For Outlook synchronization, Windows 7 or newer is recommended and Oulook 2007 or newer is required.

For a complete desktop experience, we recommend at a minimum:

  Windows Mac OS X Ubuntu Google Chrome OS
Operating System Windows XP or newer* Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) or newer Ubuntu 12 or newer Chrome OS 26
Memory 1GB+ for XP, 2GB+ for 32-bit OS, 4GB+ for 64-bit OS 4GB+ 2GB+ 2GB+
Browser Chrome 30+, Firefox 24+, Internet Explorer 9+ Chrome 30+, Firefox 23+, Safari 6+ Chromium 30+, Firefox 25+ Same as OS
Pop-Up Blocker Allow pop-ups for this site Allow pop-ups for this site Allow pop-ups for this site Allow pop-ups for this site
Cookies Allow Cookies Allow Cookies Allow Cookies Allow Cookies


How to migrate data from Google Docs
Detailed Instructions for Google Takeout

Data Usage Reference Guide
High Usage Applications

Technical Support Form

Phone: 1-877-NetSet1 (1-877-638-7381)

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