Let Us Top You Up

Whether you’re binge watching a new TV show on Netflix or downloading large files to work at home, some months just require more data than others.

Members now have the flexibility to use as much data as they need per month.

Data Top-Up* reduces the potential for data overages, allowing members to add as much – or as little – data as they require on an as-needed basis, whether it’s 25 or 100 GB, or something in between. Top-Up plans are priced affordably, too – between $40 and $125, saving members money by reducing data overage fees.


Taking advantage of the new service is easy. Simply log into your Member Portal and click on the amount of data you need, or call 1-877-NetSet1 for more information.

* Data Top Up purchased will be applied to current billing period only. Unused Data will not be carried over to next billing period.

NetSet Data Top-Ups