Free Internet – UNLIMITED

If you live in rural Manitoba it’s never been easier to get high-speed Internet access than it is with NetSet. And now, it’s never been more free!

It’s simple: for every friend you refer, you will receive a free month of Internet access once they have met the program requirements. You can see all the conditions at the bottom of this page.

Not a NetSet customer, but you want to sign up? Great! You can sign up online here.

  • Your Information

    The information you provide is for the sole use of NetSet and is used for administrative purposes. Your information will not be shared or distributed outside of the company.
  • Who Would You Like to Refer?

  • Please be sure to tell your friends that you are referring them...we are going to contact them! In fact, you might be only days away from free internet. One of our Customer Service Specialists will use the information that you provide below to contact your referral and start the process.

  • The customer you refer must be a new customer, not an existing or a returning customer.
  • They must become an active customer within 60 days from your referral date.
  • They must remain an active customer in good standing for 90 days after installation date.
  • New Member to provide referral member name at time of initial sign up or use online form to submit your referral.
  • You can receive up to a maximum of 12 referral credits per calendar year.
  • Free month does not include Government Fee of $3.95, data plus and any data overage charges obtained within billing period.