About NetSet

#1 Rural Manitoba High Speed Internet Provider


The New Standard in Broadband Services

NetSet Communications is Manitoba’s largest privately held telecommunications company providing next generation broadband services throughout the Province of Manitoba.
Our network is architected around the current WiMAX platform and is fully upgradeable to LTE Internet. This new wireless broadband technology is the first in the Province and one of the first of its kind in North America.

• Providing Rural Manitoba unprecedented performance and reliability at speeds never before available in rural Manitoba.
• Interference-free Signals with Fully Licensed Spectrum
• 24/7 Manitoba based Member Care Support

Enterprise Solutions

NetSet Communications is the ideal solution for government, commercial, agriculture-based businesses and residential users. Our network is engineered to meet the stringent demands of modern business operations. The broad coverage area makes this a great fit for multi-location enterprises through out Canada.

Our Members Matter

Connecting over 500 Manitoba Communities and rural Municipalities to the world, we are a company built on a foundation of rural roots. Dependable, consistent and committed to providing our members the best service and experience by providing your Internet Service Solutions and more.